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One Bottle-12 USES of Thieves Cleaner

Family and friends coming over for Thanksgiving and Christmas and the house needs to be cleaned and smelling great? One bottle of Thieves to CLEAN EVERYTHING is all you need.


Love The Entire Thieves Product Line

My cats are very important to me and extremely spoiled, I only use the Thieves product line including laundry soap.

Are you AND your pets “snuggling” with some bad guys?? Read the labels, do the homework and choose better options like the ones available from the Thieves product line! Just because your laundry or the pet food bowls are “dry”, doesn’t mean residues aren’t there………………check out places like ewg.org or apps like “Think Dirty” to shed some light on what we are exposing ourselves and our pets too — then check out the THIEVES line of products!!    Wondering how you can have a toxic free home, ask me.

Not Sure What Essential Rewards Is?

Switching over your buying habits!!

How much do you buy at Target, Walmart or a grocery store that you could change to buy a healthier, more effective product!!! Switching your buying habits to Young Living makes it easy to hit the 50 PV is the minimum amount that you need to maintain each month in your Essential Rewards order!!!!

If you really want to improve your health and well-being, replace all of your household cleaning products, skin care products, supplements, shampoo/conditioners, body care products (shaving cream, bar soap, shower gel, lotions), and toothpaste with Young Living products. Order them on your ER and save yourself a trip to Target (which really will save you from spending the extra $50 that always happens anyway!!.

Young Living has a huge selection of essential oils, home, wellness and beauty products. You are never locked into ordering the same items every month. Simply go to your Essential Rewards section of your Virtual Office to adjust and confirm your items. You can always change your order to fit your needs for the month.

You can only process 1 ER order a month so make sure to include everything. If you find you need additional oils/products once ER order has been placed, you simply place an additional Quick Order.

Be sure to look up the monthly promotions before you adjust your order for the month to so you don’t miss out on any additional freebies. The monthly promo freebies require that you purchase 100/190/250/300 PV all in ONE order.

Can I change my order each month? Yes! That’s the beauty of this program.

PRO-TIP: We recommend you set up your PV Assistant.

☑️There are times when your products saved in your cart go out of stock and that can affect the 50 PV minimum requirement. You can save your favorites in the PV Assistant so it will send you one of your favorites and prevent you from hitting your 50 PV minimum.
☑️Put the items with the LEAST amount of PV at the top of your list and the items with the most PV at the bottom of your list so when the system needs to add something, it adds in the least amount of PV necessary to help you hit 50 PV.
☑️PV Assistant pulls from the top down and you can adjust what’s on it at any time. It stays the same until you change it.)

Note – The ER minimum requirement is 50 PV. Business builders do their orders a little differently to get full compensation. Make sure if you are a business member you talk to your enroller.

For those of you enrolled, tell us how easy it is for you to meet your minimum each month 😍What products did you start replacing in your home and put on your ER order to save you time and money and live a cleaner life product wise?

Fall Wellness

September’s Essential Rewards are PERFECTION for fall wellness! Be sure to login to your virtual office and modify your Autoship to include your supplements, personal care items, make-up, household cleaning products and oils so that you can earn these amazing freebies and points back!! You can also call customer service if you need help setting up or changing your order: 800-371-3515.

If your not yet a member, and interested in finding out how to, feel free to contact me. Would love to see everyone using essential oils.

🌿 Oregano vitality: Nature’s best kept secret! Take this bad boy in a capsule with a little coconut or olive oil for super powered immune support! Add it to your favorite recipes for a more savory flavor than dried oregano & get the health benefits to boot.

🤴🏽 Thieves vitality: The Mack Daddy King of the immune oils! Add Thieves to Ningxia Red, warm tea, coffee, (wine 🙋🏻) or water and honey for a yummy immune supportive fall flavored drink or add to a capsule with coconut or olive oil. 🙌🏽 for Thieves!

💆🏻 Peace and Calming: The Yogi of oils! This precious oil is one of Young Living’s most loved blends. Diffuse it and roll it on your spine and wrists for a relaxing aroma that will help calm everyone from your rambunctious toddler to your cantankerous great-grandma.

👮🏾 Inner Defense: The First Responder! This is the awesome little all-inclusive guy blends Thieves & Oregano for the ultimate in immune system support.

🏃🏼‍♀️ Cool Azul: The Athletes BFF! Muscles and joints love this cooling oil. It feels amazing when massaged into your hardworking leaf-raking body parts!

September Essential Rewards

Not sure where August went and can’t believe it is September already.

This months Essential Rewards are awesome. Great way to start the Fall. Reach any of the following PV minimums with your September order and get these WELLNESS essential oils for FREE!!!

Who loves free oils? I do! Great opportunity to try different oils.