Rock Your World With Young Living’s Essential Oils.

Happy Spring! On the fence about becoming a member? Young Living’s  Premium Starter Kit with the Desert Mist diffuser, one of my favorite’s is on sale. If you’ve ever wondered about how essential oils can help you, now is a great opportunity to do find out! The Premium Starter kit is on sale for $144. It is a over $330 value. 😮This kit come with what you see plus samples of Ningxia and other goodies, but it also comes with me. A great community of education and support. Just real people doing life and wanting to live free of harmful chemicals. I’d love to help you. ❤️🤗


Premium Starter Kit

🙂🙂Four years ago I discovered this kit & TODAY thru the 14th, its 10% off!

I had been introduced to oils through a very close friend and had been looking for alternative ways to take our wellness back. We had one daughter & was tired of feeling sick all the time. After being confronted on many different side effects of big pharma, I quickly realized the difference & it transformed our lives. Not only were the oils helping me get our family to a place of wellness, but giving me the opportunity to contribute to our finances & work towards freedom. Plus, science. I can’t argue with science. Who knew so much power resides in plants?
But why Young Living? Everywhere we look there are oils, they’re basically in any store. But here is the deal, Seed to Seal. No one else has it. NO ONE. Call your essential oil company, ask them this question, “Where are your farms located and can I visit them at anytime?” if their answer is not “Yes!”, that’s not the company you want to be using. ⁣⁣
So if you’re anything like I was four years ago, wanting to makechanges, but unsure & skeptical, I’m here for you and I want to help you, because I understand.

Join Me On This Journey

Every once in a while a sale comes along that is too good to not tell your friends.
Like when what is normally $160 for a diffuser and 11 oils becomes $215 for TWO diffusers and THIRTEEN oils. 😳😳😳
Um, if you haven’t jumped on the essential oil train, now is the time.
Oh, did I mention that you also get a lifetime wholesale membership to get products at 24% off foreverrrrrr?! And that your only commitment to keep that membership active is to spend $50 per YEAR?! And that I’ll also outfit you with some awesome books so you’ll know how to use these babies?! And that l’ll add you to my Facebook groups so you can learn in community?!

Ok, that was a lot. Hit me up if you are ready to go on this journey with me.

***when I joined this kit was 7 oils, NO DIFFUSER, and still $150 🙄🙄🙄***

To quote Hamilton:
Alexander- where are you taking me?
Angelica- I’m about to change your life
Alexander- Then by all means, lead the way.

#seriously #dothis #lifechanging


My Goal


A goal of mine is to get essential oils into many hands before the end of the year.

Here is the deal, while on Disaster Relief deployment I found many uses for Thieves hand sanitizer and peppermint oil, if 8 people can tell me what an other use for the mentioned oil and hand sanitizer AND ENROLL as a new member AND sign up for ESSENTIAL REWARDS, you will receive an oil of your choice up to $25.

Awesome Benefits of Young Living Essential Oils-Become A Member Today




Sell 1 PSK, Get $50!

Premium Starter Kit Bonus and Fast Start Bonus are paid out together, so basically the rule is you get $50 for each premium kit you sell, as you get $25 kit bonus plus 25% of their first three months. So 25% of the premium kit 100PV is 25. 25+25=$50 for you when they purchase as long as you purchased 50pv in that month!

Remember that the person must complete their PSK purchase in the same month they sign up, or else you will lose the $25 kit bonus

Also, remember PSK is any starter kit with 100pv value – so that includes the ningxia and thieves premium starter kits too!

In YL’s Love It? Share it! model, it discusses getting 3 people to enroll with you, and your kit is basically free (3 PSKs = $150 in your pocket!)

Basic PSK is 0pv, but you will get fast start on anything they add to their order, or orders placed in months 2 or 3 of their enrollment.

Curious How You Can Have Your Own Monthly Box Delivered?

Monthly Essential Rewards and order: Love getting my box and seeing FREE OILS. If your not yet on ER, your missing out on awesome benefits.

Each month I add two or three new oils or supplements, this month was Super B, Cool Azul, Highest Potential and Shutran Shave Cream.

Super B: Muscles and bones. Diets of many Americans do not provide the recommended amount of B vitamins that are essential for normal functions of immune response.

Cool Azul: This cooling pain-relief cream features wintergreen oil and menthol from peppermint oil to create an all–natural, soothing cream for relieving occasional muscle aches and pains.

Highest Potential: Blend contains the Biblical oils of frankincense, galbanum,cedarwood, sandalwood, ylang ylang and lavender. As well as single oils. Helps to balance the emotions.

Free oils this month are:

Patchouli: Primary uses for bug repellent, wrinkles. Has been used to fight infection, cool fevers, tone the skin.

AromaEase: Oil blend contains essential oils to help soothe feelings of nausea and upset stomach.

Cypress: May be beneficial for: colds, coughs,energy, fever, gallbladder, influenza and several other concerns.

Spearmint: Has been used to relieve nausea, indigestion, headaches and many other uses.


Get Started On An Essential Journey Today

Have you been curious about this “essential oils thing”and not sure where to start or what to do with them? Help has arrived. Not only can you cook with them using vitality oils, but you can also add them to your morning routine. You can transition from chemical cleaners to safe, all-natural cleaners. Even your pets can benefit too!

The Premium Starter Kit is over $300.00, and as a new member you can purchase them for as low as $160.00 (depending on the diffuser.) You can also sign up for Essential Rewards and start “banking”your money which can be used towards free product.

Visit: Member #2536906

Premium Starter Kit

Is it time to become toxic free? Time to look at becoming a member of Young Living? I use these oils each day whether it is diffusing, topically or added to my NingXa Red. For more information visit: Member #2536906. Basic 101 Oils Classes are available.