Check Out Einkorn Crackers

Young Living is not not just oils!! Have you tried the Einkorn flour, cereal or pasta? Now you can order Einkorn crackers.

Why do I love the Einkorn products? Simply they have 14 chromosomes in the wheat and is healthier than what you can get in the store.

Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Crackers
These wholesome crackers are a hearty, delicious snack available in two unbeatable flavors: Tomato & Herb and Sea Salt. These crackers bring the subtly sweet taste of one of the world’s most ancient grains to your holiday table. Available for a limited time only, grab a box or two before they’re gone!
Tomato & Herb Item No.: 25115
Sea Salt Item No: 25113
Size: 7.5 oz.
Wholesale Price: $6.00
Retail Price: $7.89

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