Savvy Minerals Spring Collection


Oh, Happy Day!


Oh, Happy Day!!! Have you been sitting on the fence? Young Living is offering this AWESOME, OUT OF THIS WORLD, DO NOT PASS UP this offer.

THIS WEEK ONLY, with their already 50% off starter kit ($160 for an oil kit worth over $320) and their essential rewards 50 PV (personal volume) purchase they will receive a 4 pack of YL’s Stess Away Bath Bombs.

On top of all the other amazing things YL does, a new member gets a free pack of Stress Away Bath Bombs…..OUTSTANDING!!!

Don’t forget to mention that when they join our community/team they will have full access to YOU & US!! That means: education, encouragement, mentoring, resources, etc! It’s an amazing community/team and we have a spot reserved for THEM!!

To changing the world one drop at a time!!

Choose A Cleaner Way Of Life

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Many of my friends and family have battled some pretty serious illness these last couple years. I have privately been in conversations with MANY of you…And my heart felt advice for all of the ones I love? … DETOXIFY and choose a cleaner way of life. I choose Plants…. Essential Oils to be precise…and I choose Young Living as my source.

If you are ready to make some serious lifestyle choices for you and your family…I can help you!!

There is a Premium Starter Kit…(a wellness cabinet, if you will) of 11 Essential oils that come as a set…with a beautiful diffuser and thieves home cleaning packets, sample bottles and super food Ningxia Red puree packets….honestly a great assortment of wellness in one kit!

It is $160…but you can get YOUR PSK for $110, $60, $10, or even FREE….Better yet…you can get YOUNG LIVING to pay YOU for signing up! (I like that idea the best!)

Here’s how…..Sign up for your Premium Starter Kit for $160, and IN THE SAME MONTH, sign up your family and friends with a PSK using your member number. For every new member you sign up, you receive $50!
1 new sign up= $50 ; 2=$100 ; 3=$150….and so on…

Then the next month , Young Living will send you a check for however many members you signed up….sign up 4 people and have your PSK paid for and then some extra $$$$ in your pocket!!

Message me for more details or simply click the link and get moving in a healthier direction!


What’s In Your April Box?

WhatsInYourBoxApril Subscription Box(Essential Rewards) Would you like your own MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOX??

Each month we make big decisions on what we will be placing on our Essential Rewards order from Young Living. This is to help give you idea of products you should have in your order to get your ready for April – The month of Emotional Wellness & Restful Sleep! We function better when we get enough rest, and when our emotions are supported. This month’s order focus on just that!

I am going to walk through different pv levels you may be trying to hit for your promotions. We now know what April promotions from Young Living are until April 31st, so you can guarantee they will be amazing and hit the pv value of 100pv, 190pv, 250pv & 300pv!

Let’s get started!! First, in comment below, tell me if you are already on Essential Rewards, and if so – what is one item you HAVE TO HAVE every single month???

#proTIP – don’t forget to make sure PV Assistant is turned ON and set to the promotion level you are trying to hit! Everyone should have it set to at LEAST 50pv to protect your ER order from going under and risking losing your loyalty and points! Check with your enroller if you don’t know what that is, or want to make sure you have it on!

Switch To Thieves Dish Soap


If you are looking for SUDS…you won’t find it in our plant based soap….because all that foam from other dish soaps are TOXIC! But if you are one to love bubbles, (like me) simply divide the bottle into 3rds…(find two other containers) add 1 tsp baking soda to each 3rd….then add HOT water and swirl well to combine…BAM! Super clean…Super Safe, foamy plant based dish soap!
about $4.00 a bottle!!!
* #yljustmakeshealthysense

Join Me On This Journey

Every once in a while a sale comes along that is too good to not tell your friends.
Like when what is normally $160 for a diffuser and 11 oils becomes $215 for TWO diffusers and THIRTEEN oils. 😳😳😳
Um, if you haven’t jumped on the essential oil train, now is the time.
Oh, did I mention that you also get a lifetime wholesale membership to get products at 24% off foreverrrrrr?! And that your only commitment to keep that membership active is to spend $50 per YEAR?! And that I’ll also outfit you with some awesome books so you’ll know how to use these babies?! And that l’ll add you to my Facebook groups so you can learn in community?!

Ok, that was a lot. Hit me up if you are ready to go on this journey with me.

***when I joined this kit was 7 oils, NO DIFFUSER, and still $150 🙄🙄🙄***

To quote Hamilton:
Alexander- where are you taking me?
Angelica- I’m about to change your life
Alexander- Then by all means, lead the way.

#seriously #dothis #lifechanging