Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me if You Can Excerpt One

The second she realized they were going over, she heard Wesley’s grunt and Boet’s splash as he jumped clear of the canoe, and then all was muffled as she sank beneath the water. She kicked her way to the surface, gasped and sputtered at the shock of cold autumn water.

Wesley bobbed up and shook the water from his face like a dog shedding water. Furrows of concern creased his forehead. Moonlight bleached the color from his face.

“What were you trying to do? You can’t go diving after an oar in a canoe.” Wesley smacked the water.

Tara’s hackles rose, and she clenched her chattering teeth. “I didn’t see you reaching for it?”

“I had enough sense not to dive after it. If you’d just sat still I could have gotten it without any problem.”       

“Oh, so I have no sense now?” Tara treaded water and reached up to brush at the wet hair plastered to her face. She glared at the Jamieson’ manager.

“You’re not showing very much.” He snapped back. grabbed for the floating canoe then paddled toward the shore, dragging the canoe alongside of him. “Come on, unless you’re planning on spending the night in the water.”

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