Above the Fold

I did not realize that Above the Fold by Rachel Scott McDaniel was her first book. I am impressed! Elissa lost the love of her life to a journalism job in the city and feels she needs to prove herself to her father. The time period is the 1920’s and the Suffragette Movement is happening. She is working as a secretary at her dad’s newspaper trying to keep it afloat.
Cole, the heartbreaker moved to the city to work as a journalist, but never forgot Elissa. His plan was to return when he made a name for himself, terrible things happen, and he turns to the bottle. When her dad hires Cole, he challenges the both of them to write a front-page story. In the end they rekindled their relationship and eventually fall in love. I love the spiritual undertone; Cole’s character shows us that God is the God of second chances and how we see Him.
The 1920’s is a neat time period and the author did a wonderful job writing the book. If you enjoy reading historical romance than this book is for you.
I look forward to reading more books from the author. I received a copy of Above the Fold from Just Read Tours in exchange for honest opinion.