American Dirt- A Must Read

American Dirt humanizes the story of migrants and gives those a voice making a hard choice trekking crossing the border into the states. This novel will change how we think about the world, that changes us in a profound way. American Dirt is one of those rare novels. This is the first book by author, Jeannie Cummins that I have read and looking forward to reading her other books. 
The story of a Mexican mother and son who are trying to escape a drug lord who killer her husband and family. A mother and son who are desperate to leave Mexico and head to the States while escaping the cartel. They eventually travel on top of a train with other migrants who are also looking for a better life. I finished reading the book in a day, heartbreaking from page one till the last page. American Dirt brings a voice to those who are faced with making a hard choice to trek across the desert with very little.
Beautifully written. This will be the January 21st. 2020. A must read for everyone. The story will be with me for a long time. Heart-wrenching.
I received a copy of “American Dirt” from Flatiron Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

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