Let Go, Let God!

“Breathing On her Own,” by author Rebecca Waters tells a wonderful story of mercy, love, forgiveness and truth. Molly and her husband, Travis are enjoying retirement when their oldest daughter, Laney is critically injured after a car accident in which she was driving and killed her best friend. Laney is married with two children. Travis, her husband is loving and a God-fearing man. The perfect life until Laney made a poor choice of driving after consuming a few alcoholic beverages. Molly’s faith is tested and just going through the motions as she is forced to evaluate life and her faith. Molly is faced with learning to let go and let God and know that she can trust Him through trials.
Bad decisions can not be taken back, but God has certainly forgiven us for those choices. God will meet us everyday right where we are. This story offered encouragement, knowing that we can not control each day.
I received a copy of the book from Just Read Tours in exchange for my honest opinion

Pre-Order Isaiah’s Legacy

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American Dirt- A Must Read

American Dirt humanizes the story of migrants and gives those a voice making a hard choice trekking crossing the border into the states. This novel will change how we think about the world, that changes us in a profound way. American Dirt is one of those rare novels. This is the first book by author, Jeannie Cummins that I have read and looking forward to reading her other books. 
The story of a Mexican mother and son who are trying to escape a drug lord who killer her husband and family. A mother and son who are desperate to leave Mexico and head to the States while escaping the cartel. They eventually travel on top of a train with other migrants who are also looking for a better life. I finished reading the book in a day, heartbreaking from page one till the last page. American Dirt brings a voice to those who are faced with making a hard choice to trek across the desert with very little.
Beautifully written. This will be the January 21st. 2020. A must read for everyone. The story will be with me for a long time. Heart-wrenching.
I received a copy of “American Dirt” from Flatiron Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

Isaiah’s Legacy

Mesu Andrews has yet again written another outstanding book. The amount of research that the author puts into a book shows, I was pulled into the story from page one. “Isaiah’s Legacy” continues the story that started in “Isaiah’s Daughter.” The author took me through the reign of King Manasseh who was considered one of most wicked kings. Mesu weaves biblical history and historical fact into a book that one should not miss reading.
I prayed for Manasseh that he turns his life to God and learn the truth in daylight. Shulle questions God and wonders how he can be sovereign, Zibah reminds her that God is always with us. Lots of truth is displayed with each character and will leave the reader asking for more. I reread the story of Manasseh and it gave me a different perspective of his life. If you love biblical fiction run to the closest bookstore, carve time out to read “Isaiah’s Legacy.” I highly recommend this book.
I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review and opinion.