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Young Living Essential Oils are ideal for supercharging your day and helping you face your biggest hurdles. From Lavender essential oil to some of our most beloved blends, here are the 11 most popular essential oils, plus their uses and benefits.
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Mercy, Love, and Forgiveness

“Where Hope Begins” is about a family that from the outside looks perfect, but yet imperfect once the reader steps inside the book. Are we not imperfect, wanting to be more Christ-like? That is if we have Jesus.
The author tackles serious real life issues that happens to couples and people everyday that tug at your emotions and heart. A family dealing with brokenness, a domino affect of a family quickly spiraling out of control from a series of poor decisions and fallout after a tragedy that affects everyone. But……. it is also a story of mercy, love, forgiveness, will challenge your faith and hope. “Where Hope Begins,” is told from Savannah’s point of view and how she handled anger, betrayal and grief. As she dealt with these emotions, I found myself getting pulled into her story. My heart ached for Savannah, the tears flowed. 
Make sure you have tissues handy, you will cry, laugh and your heart will be touched. You will feel the raw emotions of each character. I felt like I was having coffee and sitting across the table from Savannah as she tried to make sense of the situation that she was faced with. I highly recommend this book.
Romans 8:28 28And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
“I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and was under no obligation to pust a review. All opinions in this review are my own.” 
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In Memory of D. Gary Young

I may not of had the opportunity to physically meet Gary Young, but I meet him each day, each oil drop through the essential oils, the supplements, NingXia Red, Thieves etc. THIS MAN CHANGED MY LIFE! I am humbled and blessed to help continue a legacy that Gary and Mary Young started over 20 years ago. I hear a voice as I read his books. I feel EMPOWERED to continue his legacy through education, praying as my business grows. I have been EMPOWERED to be the voice, to deliver the message that Gary started. My hope and vision is for essential oils to be in everyone’s home.

Will you join me on this legacy?


My Nose Does Know

The Nose Knows: 5 Questions With Young Living’s Dr. Lindsey Elmore

She tells us more about the wonders of essential oils and what she really thinks about scented candles

Followed by a sharp ping, the digital queue display flickered to reveal new sets of numbers, prompting patient ticket holders to crane their necks to see if it’s their turn. As one scurried to the counter, the rest was left to their own devices, or to an array of essential oils which they can either whiff up or slather on their palms.

The last part may have been a giveaway that we’re not in a neighbourhood polyclinic. Instead, we found ourselves in the Singapore headquarters of essential oil giant Young Living, where all sorts of intoxicating scents permeated the air.

“There is a Young Living product for every person of every age,” declared Dr. Lindsey Elmore, the Director of Global Education and Health Sciences for Young Living Essential Oils, whose eyeshadow matched the magenta facade of a lavender essential oil bottle.

With a global company boasting more than 100 essentials oil, we daresay you’ll find one that tickles your fancy. And to ensure the essential oils’ quality, Young Living has taken upon itself to cultivate farms specifically for this production. Now, that’s what we call a well-oiled machine.

We chatted up with the doctor to glean more nuggets regarding Yong Living and essential oils. She didn’t say it, but we think she wants you to refrain from scented candles.

What is Young Living all about?

The vision of Young Living is to bring the brand’s essential oils to every home in the world. We believe in the power of essential oils to be infused into everybody’s daily wellness routine, so it’s more about getting them into every room of your home, every part of your day be it at work or when you’re travelling. We take high quality, pure 100% essential oils and used them just as they are. We infused the oils into supplements, personal care products and homecare products, and so it’s all about total lifestyle transformation.

How does one separate a quality essential oil from the rest?

There are a couple of things you can look for when you are looking for quality in essential oils. Firstly, you want to look for evidence of commitment to bring pure essential oils that are free from synthetics. Secondly, look out for good farming practices. It takes a lot of plant material to make essential oils so you want to make sure you’re buying from a company that gives back, as you do take a lot from it.

The other thing is that consumers can ask if synthetics have been added to the oil. Is there a lot of stuff on the label that you perhaps can’t read through very easily? With Young Living, you’re going to get pure essential oil and then for safety reasons, we’ll add carrier oil, which is fatty oil that helps it be safe on the skin. An example is Young Living’s wintergreen essential oil. 90% of the wintergreen on the market is oil of wintergreen. That is a differentiation right there on the label: wintergreen essential oil is an essential oil, oil of wintergreen is a synthetic methyl salicylate that can be very heavily concentrated and much more risky for younger children and people who have a risk of bleeding.

What is the best method to reap the benefits of essential oils?

There are two major ways to use essential oils: You can inhale them or you can also use them on the skin. To inhale, place a drop of essential oil into your left hand, rub your hands together and then you make what you call a scent tent (cupped your palms and placing them over your nose area without touching the face).

For skin, you can put the essential oils into a DIY, like make an after-workout muscle rub by meltdown coconut oil, stir in some herbs and put in the fridge, and then you got a balm to put on after a workout.

Can essential oils sometimes be more effective than conventional medical treatments?

None of Young Living oils are intended to treat diseases or to replace any medicine. But that said, we do have a lot of supplements in Singapore that are great for helping to enhance a wellness routine. So while essentials oils may not be there to treat disease, you certainly can enhance a wellness routine using supplements.

Is a scented candle similar to an essential burner/diffuser?

Your scented candles have two drawbacks. Number one, your scented candles will be filled with synthetic aromas and so the other thing is when you use a Young Living diffuser, you’ll be cold diffusing the oils. And that’s important because if you burn essential oils, you’re going to burn off and change some chemical constituent. If people make their own DIY candles, make them tiny, because the more that you burn them, the worse that they can be.

10 Ways to Be a Publisher’s Favorite Person Ever

Bethany House Fiction

Last week, I shared some pet peeves common among book industry people. (Except for a few that probably just bother me, but hey, still helpful information, right?)

Thankfully, very few readers fall into the categories I laid out in the last post, because people who love books are almost universally delightful. But there is also a small subset of readers who, as a publishing company employee, I especially appreciate. Read on for the ten things you can do to gain entrance into the elite, gold-star group of Bethany House’s Favorite Readers.

Defending an Author

Now, there are some people who are clearly trolling—saying something inflammatory just because they want to, and hey, fire is fun! Stay far, far away from those online conversations. Do not engage. Repeat. Do not engage. Over and out.

Also, this is not your moment to go all growling pit-bull over someone’s comments. (“I would never…

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