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Sell 1 PSK, Get $50!

Premium Starter Kit Bonus and Fast Start Bonus are paid out together, so basically the rule is you get $50 for each premium kit you sell, as you get $25 kit bonus plus 25% of their first three months. So 25% of the premium kit 100PV is 25. 25+25=$50 for you when they purchase as long as you purchased 50pv in that month!

Remember that the person must complete their PSK purchase in the same month they sign up, or else you will lose the $25 kit bonus

Also, remember PSK is any starter kit with 100pv value – so that includes the ningxia and thieves premium starter kits too!

In YL’s Love It? Share it! model, it discusses getting 3 people to enroll with you, and your kit is basically free (3 PSKs = $150 in your pocket!)

Basic PSK is 0pv, but you will get fast start on anything they add to their order, or orders placed in months 2 or 3 of their enrollment.