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A Matter Of Trust-Susan May Warren


A Matter of Trust is the third book in the Montana Rescue series. A definite page turner, packed with action and full of faith. A Matter of Trust focused on Ty and Gage who are part of the PEAK rescue team and in a dire situation in beautiful, snowy Glacier National Park.

We are introduced to Gage andd Ella’s story in book one, book three shares background on Ty. Ms. Warren did an excellent job bringing in details from the first book.

Gage and Ella dance around each other, dealing with their past, and learning that forgiveness and honesty free them up to start over. They encouraged each other to believe in God’s grace and love. It teaches us as well to learn to trust Him through thick and thin. I love how Ms. Warren uses faith, love, grace and mercy in each of the books.

One of many favorite quote’s that applies to everyone:
“… don’t base God’s love or desire to help you on your opinion of yourself. Base it on who God says he is.”

I highly recommend this series starting with Book One. Carve out some time, once you start reading, it will be hard to put the book down. I pray and hope that the next book in the series comes out soon.