Savvy Minerals

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your makeup?
It was the last thing I thought of! The thought had never crossed my mind… or my face. πŸ˜‰ Read on to see it’s so much more than lead in lipstick. The problem is much bigger AND it is AGING you every time you wear it! Talk about cruel irony! 😱 Isn’t it time you cleaned up your makeup routine? Make the switch now my friend. Get your Savvy on.
Savvy Minerals is 🌸F-R-E-E🌺 from:
βœ” Talc
βœ” bismuth
βœ” parabens
βœ” petrochemicals
βœ” synthetic and lake dye
βœ” Fragrance
βœ” Gluten
βœ” Nylon
βœ” And zero nanoparticles!!!
Its time for no more toxins on your face! 😍
What’s in your makeup ?! πŸ‘€

I am super excited to have my daughter start using Savvy Minerals instead of makeup filled with chemicals and toxins.



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