Yes, You Can Apply Essential Oils Topically!

Went to said grocery store this morning and saw a table with diffuser’s and said essential oils. Before picking up said essential oils, I asked said employee if I could apply topically or ingest said essential oils. Said employee looked at me and politely said, ” you never ingest or apply any essential oil.”

So….. I asked said employee would you be interested in learning about essential oils, ones that YOU CAN apply topically and ingest? Said employee again reminded me to never apply or ingest any essential oils. Sad that there are many misinformed about essential oils.

Oh and by the way after said employee walked away, I picked up the box of essential oils. Huge warning, essential oils are to never be applied topically or ingested, if so contact poison control.

YES, you can ingest or apply topically essential oils. I would love to share with everyone that essential oils are safe! After all I start my day with NingXia Red, Super C, Thieves toothpaste, Thieves mouthwash and Bath and Shower Gel base with 15 drops of my favorite essential oil, grapefruit or maybe peppermint. Depends on the mood.