What’s Holding You Back?

If your not yet a member of Young Living Essential Oils, what is holding you back?

Too expensive?
Not sure what or how to use essential oils?
Fear of the unknown?
Not sure you can fit essential oils into your monthly budget?

What if I told you I felt the same way when I was introduced to essential oils? I went back and forth for a handful of months thinking how in the world can I add another “bill” to my budget. We live on one income and and help pay for our daughter’s college education, so there was no where to stretch.

This journey has been an awesome one, one that Jesus continues to bless month after month. I had no plans to make this a business, but truly enjoy educating others on how to have a healthy life style with essential oils.

If you ask me which oil is my favorite, that would be a hard choice. I love all the oils, each one has a different purpose. After a long hike and sore muscles, I look forward to putting Deep Relief on. Restful sleep: lavender on my pillow and in the diffuser. Out of chemically filled toothpaste, I reach for Thieves toothpaste and mouth wash. Needing to clean house, Thieves Household cleaner. ONE PRODUCT for CLEANING everything.

Are you looking for a small monthly income? Free oils to share with others? Let’s talk and start your own Oily Journey!