The Ebb Tide



The Ebb Tide is a story about a young Amish woman whose dreams took her all over the world. Our lives are like the ebb tide, low at certain times during our seasons of life and needing God’s hand and high at other times.

Sallie Riehl is strugling with having to join her Amish Community and her promise to her mother to be baptized and join the church. How can Sallie be happy? While working as a waitress at a local restaurant she meets an English family when serving them dinner. She travels to Cape May, New Jersey with the family for the summer as a nanny to their daughter Autum.

While in Cape May, Sallie meets Kevin, a Mennonite. For the first time since leaving home for the summer, it dawns on Sallie that Kevin understands her and the desires to travel.

As the summer progresses so does the friendship between the both of them. Sallie starts to see how God has plans for her that are different from what she has and her heart is confused.

Will God lead Sallie to a different place or will it just be a friendship with Kevin?

We all have an ebb tide and rely on Jesus’s love and strength to carry us through.

Firm Believer of Essential Oils


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