Jesus Has Given Us Essential Oils

The reason I started looking into alternative ways to better health was because two winters ago I was hospitalized with upper respiratory issues  for several days and then house bound for 12 weeks. I was put me on several antibiotics, one which was given to those who were around anthrax. Last winter I was able to cut the upper respiratory issues   down to a week and using essential oils such as Thieves, RC, Lavender and several other essential oils. I will never go back to over the counter or prescription medicine again. I would rather spend my money on oils.

Our home is almost toxic free. We started using Thieves Cleaner for everything from floors to showers. What a difference it makes and we are not inhaling the toxic fumes from other cleaners. 

I look at this as Jesus has given us the ability to use what He has made, so why am I using products with chemicals that are not healthy.

When you become a member, you will receive 24% off all orders for life. As for essential rewards, you receive points based on a percentage of your PV order (personal volume) that changes depending on ow long you have been with Young Living. One-three month- you earn 10% back. Four-twenty-four months- you earn 20% back, and twenty-five months or more you earn 25% back. I let my essential rewards accumulate and purchase oils that I may not necessarily buy on a regular basis.